mandag 1. juli 2013

Fra ukens lesning: Updike

'Nelson says the bacon is greasy and asks again if Daddy go away and his complaining about the  bacon that she was so clever and brave to make at all annoys her so that after his twentieth refusal to eat even a bit of lettuce she reaches over and slaps his rude face. The stupid child can't even cry he just sits there and stares and sucks in his breath again and again and finally does burst forth.  But luckily she is equal to the situation, very calm, she sees the unreason of his whole attempt and refuses to be bullied. With the smoothness of a single great wave she makes his bottle, take him by the hand, oversees his urinating, and settles him in bed. Still shaking with the aftermath of sobs, he roots the bottle in his mouth and she is certain from the glaze on    his watchful eyes that he is locked into the channel to sleep. She stands by the bed, surprised by her stern strength.' (Fra Updike: Rabbit , Run, 1960)

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